27th May 2024

The first Wimbledon prize money was around £12



The first-ever Wimbledon championship was held in the year 1877, at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London.

The All England Club, which was opened in the year 1868, faced issues in maintenance and needed to be taken care of. The members of the club organized the first-ever tennis competition to fund repair of the ground roller.

About 200 people had gathered on 9 July 1877 at the venue to witness the inaugural season of Wimbledon. The competition had 22 participants, of which the final match was won by English cricketer and tennis player Spencer Gore. The winner was awarded a sum of 12 guineas (a little over £12).

And finally with the ten-pound profit the club had made, the roller was finally repaired, and the courts levelled.

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