27th May 2024

Lie in France and roll across to Switzerland

Hotel Arbez

Hotel Arbez

If someone has a habit of rolling while sleeping, even a night’s stay at Hotel Arbez might buy them a memory for life!

Also known as Hotel Arbez Franco-Suisse, Hotel Arbez lies bang on the border between France and Switzerland. The around-a-century old hotel belongs in a tiny village called La Cure, which, too, is shared between the two picturesque European countries.

During the Second World War, when Germany had taken over France, the forces of the former were allowed to enter the inn, but not venture into its Swiss-occupied side. The prohibited area, therefore, served as a sanctuary for refugees.

Today, the French–Swiss border passes through several sections of the hotel, including the kitchen and dining room. And in a certain room at the Arbez, the bed is placed in such a manner that you could sleep with your head in France and your legs in Switzerland – or probably roll between both!

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