18th May 2024

Rohan Sippy’s innovatively presented movie credit titles


The credit titles of the movie Kuch Naa Kaho were presented innovatively. Kuch Naa Kaho was Rohan Sippy’s directorial debut. The Aishwarya-Abhishek starrer didn’t do much well on the box office. However, the credit titles were presented in quite an innovative manner.

  • The names of the cast and crew appeared on various parts of Abhishek’s room and bathroom.
  • The editor appeared on a pair of scissors.
  • The lyricist on a CD cover.
  • The composers on a music system.
  • The financier on a credit card.
  • The publicity people on a boldly coloured toothpaste tube.
  • Story screenplay-dialogue guys were on the spines of books.
  • Aishwarya on shower curtain.
  • Abhishek on a soap.
  • The director and producer had their names written with a finger on steamed glass.

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