28th May 2024

Steve McQueen’s distressed childhood


Terence Steven McQueen was a famous Hollywood actor and director known for the famous films such as Magnificent Seven and Towering Inferno. He had a horrible childhood. Steve McQueen was dyslexic, partially deaf as a result of childhood ear infection and he was the son of an allegedly rebellious alcoholic lady of questionable character. His father abandoned his mother after six months of meeting. He was just a baby, when his mother left him with her parents and maternal uncle. When he was eight years old, he was taken home by his mother who had married a second time. His stepfather was abusive and used to beat him so much that he left home at the age of nine and lived on the streets. He had become a petty criminal. He was sent again to his mother’s maternal uncle but called back again when she remarried a third time. His new stepfather was also abusive. McQueen started stealing and abusing drugs and was put into a remand home.

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