26th May 2024

The surrogacy debate in India


Surrogacy is an option for infertile couples. A surrogate mother facilitates the process. In August 2013, a baby was born to Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan through a surrogate mother.

June 2013: An Israeli man, recognized by the authorities as a paedophile, had taken legal custody of a four-year-old Indian girl through an arrangement with a surrogate.

January 2012: A 12-week-old boy’s nationality became a matter of controversy as he was born to a surrogate Indian mother while his biological parents were an American woman and her Jamaican husband.

March 2010: Four-year-old German twins were trapped in a citizenship limbo ever since an Indian surrogate mother gave birth to them. In Germany, nationality is determined by the birth mother.

July 2008: ‘Baby M’ was born using a Japanese man’s sperm and an egg from an unknown Indian donor. After the couple separated, the baby was caught in the legal system of the two countries for a long time till she was finally taken to Japan.

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